Все сообщения за число: 2007-7-16

Ну, что. То, о чём так долго говорили, свершилось:

Business & Decision, the international consulting and systems integration company (CSI), specializing in Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management and E-Business, has acquired DSS, a Russian consulting and IT company specializing in Business Intelligence.

With recognized expertise in Customer Performance Management and Risk Management, DSS also offers Customer Relationship Management services. As the leading SAS partner in Russia, the DSS acquisition will reinforce Business & Decision's existing SAS partnership throughout Europe.

The acquisition of DSS has been realized in cash, with an earn-out based on profitability and turnover performance.

"This latest acquisition extends Business & Decision's presence to Eastern Europe. DSS offers a wide range of services in the Business Intelligence field, and furthermore, will enable Business & Decision to strengthen its partnership with SAS. Today, the Russian market is expanding and Eastern Europe has a high growth potential,"
comments Patrick Bensabat, Business & Decision CEO.

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